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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 12, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, provocative. killer abs, a smooth physique nearly nine months pregnant. this model mom to be says she's healthy. why is she getting mommy shamed? their foiled a kidnapping even though they're grade schoolers. meet the brave souls who rife to the acase no matter their age. push comes to shove you'll want these heroes around. these lavish digs are the birthplace of some of the most iconic american dishes. eggs benedict to red velvet cake. tonight we're on a hungry hunt to find the next winner dinner. do these chefs have what it takes to cook up a classic? first, the "nightline 5." >> at friskies cats are in charge of approving every new recipe. because it's cat hot know best what cats like to eat.
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today, new friskies 7. we're trying seven cat favorite flavors in one dish. now for the moment of truth. yep, looks like it's time to share what our cats love with your cats. new friskies 7. for cats, by cats. >> number one in just 60 seconds.
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good evening. thank you for joining us. women in lingerie are practically a dime a dozen on the internet. why is one mom to be igniting a social media firestorm for her pictures? let's see. she's thin, she's fit, and although you may not be able to tell, she also happens to be nearly nine months pregnant. here's abc's adiddy roy.
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>> reporter: lingerie models like sarah stage have to work hard. >> stretch it out. >> reporter: to keep up that skinny frame, muscular arms and ultra-toned legs. but what you'd never expect is that she's expecting. >> working for two now, for toward. >> reporter: 30-year-old sarah stage is almost nine months pregnant. >> the baby's good. >> kicking? >> yeah, kicking a lot. >> reporter: she decided to document her pregnancy on instagram, sharing photos of her slender bump with her more than 1 million followers. >> taking a selfie in the mirror in lingerie i was doing that before i was pregnant. so to show my belly, i was excited. i don't think it was anything odd or strange or unique. i think a lot of people a lot of women they document their pregnancies. >> reporter: but she never expected it would cause a social media uproar. people posting hateful comments like, where's the baby hiding
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at? definitely not in her tummy. another writing, i'm confused. is she giving birth to a pickle? >> there have been really bad ones, like your baby's probably dead inside of you. >> what goes through your mind? >> i don't know how someone could say that to a pregnant woman. i think that's so rude. my baby's healthy. so if it's not true then you're not really hurt by it you're more, there must be really something wrong with them to say something like that. >> reporter: sarah is just another victim of a disturbing online trend, mommy shaming. women ganging up on other women on social media for being too fit or too fat. celebrities like jessica simpson and kelly clarkson have been called out for gaining too much baby weight. >> by looking at photos together, there creates more of a mob mentality. >> reporter: dr. silverman says social media provides a shroud of anonymity that fuels the
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shaming culture. >> and it creates a community that shouts rather than simply says what's on their mind. >> why do you think these moms are shaming you? >> maybe they're unhappy with themselves. i don't know. i mean, i feel sorry for them. i hope that they would find better things to do. especially if they're moms. maybe they should be doing other things more pruf. >> do you think these moms are jealous? >> if they are i feel sorry for them. i would hope, especially being a mother, that you would stick together with another pregnant woman and not tear them down. >> reporter: there are dozens of hash tags where moms document their changing bodies. pre and post-pregnancy. #35weeks. #postbabybody. some kind it inspirational. many think it's just showing off. australian erin was slammed for posting this photo four weeks after giving birth. norwegian blogger caroline burke erickson was criticized after
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posting this photo just four days post partum. >> women tend to shame other women for a variety of reasons. other people may shame because they truly believe that if it is the case that a woman can be thin and pregnant that perhaps they have themselves not done a good enough job while they are pregnant. >> some people say that's flaunting your pregnancy online shaming other moms. >> i don't think that's flaunting. i think that i'm just excited. >> do you think you're sending a message out there that this is 8 1/2 months pregnant? >> i would hope that it didn't put any pressure. i'm just pregnant and excited. and i don't think any woman should compare themselves. >> reporter: by looking at sarah's photos some question the health of her baby. just days from giving birth, sarah still works out with a trainer twice a week and has managed to keep up her defined
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abs. >> why keep working out now? >> i feel great when i work out. i have more energy. i think it's the healthiest thing for the baby that. >> reporter: at 5'8" sarah used to weigh 120 pounds. now she's 140. >> i see a difference. i can see how other people who don't know me maybe they would see the photos and think, she's so tiny. >> the baby's been moving? >> reporter: sarah has been seeing gynecologist dr. george matsura in pasadena. this is one of her final appointments. she's counting down the days. >> there's the baby's heartbeat right there. the head is still up in this area. >> reporter: dr. matsura says he sees patients like sarah often and every woman's body responds differently to pregnancy. >> the size of the belly i think varies from person to person. and then certainly, you know, if it's the first pregnancy or if it's the third pregnancy, the size of the pregnancy will vary.
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and for a lot of patients that are fit and athletic you know because of their muscle tone they may not show as much. >> reporter: he says that it's safe for pregnant women to continue exercising during their pregnancy. in fact, he encourages it. >> in general, people probably gain too much weight in their pregnancy. because they feel like they have to eat for two. and i think that's a misconception. >> reporter: as for sarah, her baby is right on target. >> so based on ultrasound it's about 5 pounds 8 ounces. it's right on track. >> aw, little chunker. >> looks good. >> awesome. >> reporter: a.j. cook lead actress in the series "criminal minds," is also reveling in the joy of a new pregnancy. she revealed her baby bump on instagram at 5 months. she says the comments kept piling on. many positives, but some also negative. >> i think we spend way too much
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time judging other people. and this whole shaming thing that's going on lately. and it's so easy to do online. because you get to kind of hide behind this anonymous egg on twitter, anonymous egg says oh you're starving your baby, whatever. you know? so i think -- like i said i don't really pay attention to any of it. >> reporter: like a.j. sarah is also focusing on the positives. she started her own maternity line. even if she doesn't need it. >> there's so much i think is so beautiful. you can be 2 months pregnant you can be 9 months pregnant. there's a lot of room for the belly. >> reporter: sarah won't let this experience change her. and says she'll keep posting photos sharing her baby joy with the world. >> i'm just doing me. i did this before i was pregnant. i want to do this after. i don't feel like i should have anything to hide and be ashamed of. i'm so excited. i'm so happy.
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so why not share it with everybody? >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm adiddy roy in los angeles. >> what do you think? are moms too mean to one another? head to our "nightline" facebook page and tell us what you think in the comments. be nice. next an alleged kidnapper caught on camera and the brave children who stopped him. later on "nightline," chefs competing to create the next classic american dish. who's serving up the winner at dinner? if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking
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you're about to meet a few brave children who stepped up in a moment of crisis, stopping what appeared to be a kidnapping in action. and another who saved her friend in need proving that age is just a number when it comes to heroes. abc's neal karlinsky has this remarkable story. >> reporter: from a moment of pure terror, a kidnapper running away with a toddler. >> a man grabbed a 2-year-old baby child and was running with it and the kids started screaming. >> reporter: to a happy family together again with two pint-sized heroes.
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it was just days ago in spring washington, 10-year-old brendan and 8-year-old delisa wright were playing in the park and sprang into action chasing this person who snatched their 52-month-brother owen. you can see them. a father says a family friend left them alone when it happened. she tells abc news tonight she's heartbroken. >> what did you think when you saw him grab your brother? >> i thought he was trying to kidnap him. >> weren't you scared? >> yeah. >> yes. >> what'd you do? >> i ran. and screamed. >> a lot of people would be too scared to do what you did. you chased after the bad fy to help your brother? what were you thinking? >> well -- emergency. >> reporter: she said a stranger started talking to them, trying to make friends. >> what did he say to you?
12:53 am
>> he said he's nice to kids and he'd been babysitting for a long time. >> really he tried to make friends with you? >> yeah. but he lied to me. >> he did lie to you. >> reporter: the suspect dropped little owen down the street after two teenagers joined in the chase when they saw the kids running after him. late today, police announced they've made an arrest. a 15-year-old who lives nearby charged with second-degree kidnapping. but little owen is home and doing fine thanks to his very brave brother and sister. >> weren't you afraid to be chasing after a bad guy? >> no. >> no? >> i was chasing him because -- so i can get him back. >> get your brother back. >> for my cousin's birthday party. >> for my kids to sit there, run after him, you know that's an act of courage.
12:54 am
if it wasn't for my daughter yelling, screaming, nobody would have even known what was going on. i'm proud of them. but i'm also scared because of the fact that they could be gone just as well. >> reporter: everyone hopes they'll have the courage to be a hero if the time comes. but no one really knows until the moment. and that includes kids. a rare and astonishing club made up of some of the most unlikely little life savers. >> 911, state your emergency. >> there's some guy going to kill my mom and dad, can you come? >> how old are you? >> can you come really fast please? >> reporter: this 7-year-old is credited with saving his family taking his sister, hiding in a bathroom, and calling 911 about the armed robbers who came into his house. >> one of them has a jacket action, and they both have guns. >> reporter: seventh grader jeremy was on the school bus when his moment came. he noticed the bus driver having trouble, beginning to pass out. jeremy ran up to grab the wheel,
12:55 am
pulling the bus safely to the side of the road. then pulling the keys out. >> he looked like he was having a seizure or choking. making a weird noise. i just went up grabbed the wheel, turned it right, then i just took the keys out of the ignition. >> reporter: he started cpr on the bus driver until an adult came avenue board to take over. jeremy is credited with saving his bus and the 15 kids on board. >> i am incredibly proud of jeremy. very. i always have been. especially so today. >> reporter: what makes one step up while others sit back? >> i think what we're looking at are individuals perhaps who are very comfortable with other people, they feel that they can come out of a shell or they can cross a boundary and be able to reach out to someone perhaps they don't even know because they in some ways have developed the instinct of being helpful to other people. >> reporter: 6-year-old elspeth saw her best friend choking.
12:56 am
>> i choked on the apple. it went down here. >> reporter: remarkably she performed the heimlich maneuver on her friend and saved her. >> everybody didn't know what to do but i knew what to do. i did. >> reporter: she told teachers she learned how watching a disney channel show. kids are bombarded by so much media and they're familiar with easy to use smartphones that many find themselves surprisingly knowledgeable about what to do in an emergency. >> we talk about kids being inundated with media and too much on the internet. but i think this is something that tells us that sometimes there's no such thing as too much information. our kids are able to filter out what may not be useful but somehow they absorb maybe even into their unconscious minds, those behave why areiors they will
12:57 am
need in order to react to that survival instinct. >> reporter: brendan and delisa know you don't have to be a grownup to be a hero. >> you guys did a really good job. can i get a five? thanks. boy, you two. your brother does he know how lucky he? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. next this kitchen has served up some of the most famous dishes in america. so what have the new chefs got up their sleeves? tonight, the heat is on at the waldorf astoria. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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you'll be hungry after this one. we're about to take you inside the kitchen of a luxurious hotel where the food is appropriately fancy and some of history's most delicious dishes were actually invented. now they're looking for a new classic. abc's rebecca jarvis puts the chefs to the test. >> your time starts now. >> reporter: on "top chef," contestants throw flavor and
1:03 am
punches, competing for bragging rights in a world-renowned title. tonight at the waldorf astoria, a competition all its own to find the next top culinary creation that will appear on waldorf menus around the globe. we're here in new york city outside one of the most luxurious, iconic hotels on earth and they're looking for that next multi-million dollar meal. at the famed hotel bird place of red velvet cake eggs benedict, and the waldorf salad, luxury on the menu. from sweets which cost up to $4,000 a night to decadent dishes that keep guests coming back for seconds. >> can i have another? >> reporter: chefs from around the world preparing to wow the judges hoping their dish will cream the competition. one of the entries puts a twist on the famed waldorf salad. >> what is the waldorf salad? >> celery apples walnuts tossed with mayonnaise. >> the new rendition?
1:04 am
>> celery root, apples, haze zell nuts black truffle, turned into a nice risotto. >> how much is this black truffle worth? >> $1,200 a kilo. >> reporter: a few rooms over the egg comes first. >> what are you making tonight? >> we'll do our version of caledonian highland egg. venison, whiskeys ingredients from scotland. >> a new take on scotch egg? >> that's it. >> reporter: a take on an autumn classic. >> pumpkin with broiche of beet and comte. >> reporter: with an hour left in the competition, the chefs are now backstage putting finishes touches on their mouth-watering masterpieces. >> how's it going? >> great. >> fish just went out? >> yep. >> feeling good? >> feeling great. >> people ate what you meant them to eat? >> yeah. >> reporter: as each plate makes its way to an appreciative audience i check in with one of the judges. >> how important is this night?
1:05 am
>> with the waldorf astoria, they have created some of the most iconic dishes. not only in the u.s. but the world. >> the next >> reporter: the $1,200 risotto. status doesn't come cheap. i'm rebecca jarvis? new york. >> i'm old school and cheap. i'm going with grandmother's chocolate cake. thank you for watching abc news. tune into good morning perk. as always we're online at good night, america.
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yo! hey, hey! hey! hey! hey! [cheers and applause] i'm terry crews, and i can't wait to give somebody that million dollars today here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] today's returning contestant
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lives on a farm and grows her own food. the only thing missing: farm-fresh eggs. she's hoping to win enough to build a henhouse any millionaire would be proud of. from aurora, new york, please welcome liz burke. [cheers and applause] hi, liz. >> hi, terry. >> oh, my-- [applause] now, you live on a farm. what does a millionaire's henhouse look like? >> oh, that's a great question. i think it would have to have a wide-screen tv, maybe an-- [laughter] an olympic-size swimming pool, and a hot tub. >> well, i would bring a frying pan 'cause it'd be-- i'm so sorry. i love your chickens. i'm sure they're pretty nice but-- [laughs] it's all good. well, listen, just to recap, you are working your way through round 1. you have banked $30,000. [cheers and applause] and you are 11 questions away from the million with all


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